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Inch-up Guide

Why inch-up and large width are necessary

- Excellent high speed endurance
- Wide ground contact area improves safety during high speed driving
- Improved braking power thanks to the increased wheel disc diameter

How to calculate width and inch-up

- When the Aspect Ratio is decreased by 5, the section width increases by 10.
E.g.) 195/70R14 => 205/65R14 => 215/60R14 => 225/55R14

- Inch - up (in case of the same Section Width)
In case of the Same Section Width, when the Aspect Ratio decreases by 5, one inch is added.
E.g.) 205/65R14 => 205/60R15 => 205/55R16

Example of Inch-Up

Example of Inch-Up

Convertible Size by Series

70 Series 65 Series 60 Series 55 Series 50 Series 45 Series 40 Series
175/70-13 205/60-13 185/60-14